photo: Elvira Glänte
Albin Vesterberg (born in 1992) is a Swedish guitar player working in the field of jazz and improvised music. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2016 he went to continue his studies in Hamburg, Germany where he earned his Master's Degree at the Dr. Langner Jazz Master at HfMT in 2018. 
Albin is currently working in a few different constellations including: Gustav Broman/Albin Vesterberg duo, SPIIC Ensemble, Thou Shalt Swing, BAMM and Vincent Dombrowski Trio. 
He has performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and France, both as soloist and with musicians like: David Stackenäs,  Gustav Broman, Vlatko Kucan, Ronny Graupe Anna-Lena Schnabel and Lauren Newton.